C3 College "Leadership 1"

7 Feb - 30 May 2017

C3 Manhattan Office, 55 North Moore Street, New York, NY, United States Map

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This module is designed to teach the fundamentals of leadership in a Christian church setting. Based off Ps Phil’s book ‘You the Leader’ Students will have to opportunity to hear from Ps Phil Pringle on key leadership topics such as vision, prayer, attitude and communication. It will do this by first clarifying the need for, and influence of leaders, in our world. Leadership 1 will look into both the Spiritual aspects of Christian leadership, such as a leader’s relationship with God, as well as practical aspects including vision, problem solving, attitude and love for people

Lecturer : Dr. Phil Pringle
Facilitators: Ps Stephen Hickson & Tim Hickson
Learning Outcomes Upon the successful completion of the Leadership 1 module, students will be able to:

• Identify important principles of leadership.
• Compare different leadership styles
• Describe what leadership means from a biblical perspective
• Develop a vision for their area of leadership and a plan to implement that vision
• Describe the need for a vital relationship with God and how to improve it
• Identify leadership qualities of various biblical characters
• Describe how to walk in personal victory
• Identify different problem solving strategies

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